EvoRetro Pokemon Slab PSA Graded Card Stand Acrylic Protector

EvoRetro Pokemon Slab PSA Graded Card Stand Acrylic Protector

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Looking for a way to keep your Pokemon PSA graded cards safe and secure while displaying them in style? Look no further than this clear acrylic stand protector by EVORETRO.

Crafted with high-quality 3.0MM thick acrylic material, this stand protector is built to last and will protect your prized cards from dust, scratches, and other potential damage. The clear acrylic material also allows for maximum visibility and display of your graded cards.

Designed to hold one PSA graded card at a time, this stand protector is perfect for displaying your favorite card on your desk, shelf, or even at events. Its sleek and stylish design complements any collection and makes for an eye-catching display.
Easy to assemble and use, this stand protector is a must-have for any serious Pokemon collector. Order now and give your graded cards the protection they deserve!


  • ARCHIVAL-GRADE PROTECTION: Made of a sturdy acrylic construction, this Pokémon acrylic card display stand holds one PSA-graded card securely, doubling up the protection for your rarest card collection.  
  • SHOWROOM READY DISPLAY: The transparent glass-like wall design and beveled edges provide a clear full view of your prized PSA-graded card, allowing you to show off your collection in its full glory. 
  • DAINTY METAL STAND: Showcase your rare card from any angle with our acrylic card display stand. Create a dynamic and elegant display for your prized PSA cards.   
  • UV PROTECTION: Our Pokémon acrylic card stand is made of acid-free and UV-resistant acrylic material, protecting your PSA-graded card from fading and damage while on display. 
  • CARD COLLECTOR’S DREAM: The perfect gift for card collectors who want to keep their prized PSA-graded card protected, preserving its collectible value for years to come! 


  • Durable Clear Acrylic Material   
  • With UV Protection 
  • Acid-free 
  • Metal Stand 
  • Beveled Edges 
  • Product Dimension: 6.5 x 4.3 inches 
  • Thickness: 3MM 
  • Compatible to fit PSA-graded cards and standard cards