MNT Grading Service


We are very excited to be partnered with MNT Grading Inc. This page will give you information on how to submit through us so we can get your cards graded as easily as possible.

Card Submission Pricing:

Based on how many cards you are sending, there will be a discount given at each grading level. Here you can see them all, price is per card/service.

Service: Amount of Cards/Price
Value (6 Mth) 1-49: $20.00 50+: $18.00
Standard (3Mth) 1-25: $29.00  26-49: $26.00 50+: $25.00
Rush (1 Mth) 1-10: $39.00 11-49: $36.00 50+: $35.00
First Class (2 D) 1-9: $69.00 10-19: $65.00 20+: $59.00

One time Shipping: $15.00 + optional insurance ($1 = $100 insured)

If cards are not in semi-rigids already, we charge an additional $0.35 per semi-rigid(s).

Card Submission process:

1. You drop off the cards during our operating hours.

2. We will then fill out all paperwork as needed and swap cards to semi-rigids if they are not already in semi-rigids.

3. We then ship the cards to MNT and service days will start ONCE they accept the package. 

4. Once cards are finished grading, they will be shipped back to us and we will contact you.

If you would like your cards to be shipped DIRECTLY from MNT, there will be an additional $15.00 shipping charge ON TOP of the one time shipping.


1Q. Does MNT have any upcharges?
1A. MNT does not have any MAX VALUE compared to other grading companies. So there will not be any upcharges.

2Q. I sent my cards in on "x" day. It's been more than "x" day. Do I receive a refund?
2A. The days shown for the service days are when MNT RECIEVES the order and starts processing it. I.e You dropped your cards on February 3 and chose First Class (2 day) grading service, the service does not start until MNT receives the cards. Shipping time and packing time from us to them will not count as service days. Service days count as BUSINESS days.

If you require further information, please visit their site for more: