Live Break Information Q.A

Updated as of 06/01/2023

Please read below to understand how our live breaks work.

  • To limit snipes of hits, every NEW (Most recent set) Pokemon Japanese set must have ALL packs pre-purchased prior to opening the box.
  • Pokemon Japanese old sets (Anything before newest set) will continue as individual packs.
  • Packs are currently sold as individual packs. The price you pay is for 1 pack and nothing more or less.
  • There are NO bulk discounts
  • IF you would like your bulk, please write it in the notes of your order. MUST BE LOCAL-PICKUP ONLY. We will NOT ship bulk with your hits.
  • Hits are considered Holo Rare and above. Sets that have a holo in every pack will NOT count (I.e. Pokemon Celebrations)

Watch us here every Thursday at 7pm! (We highly recommend to join our discord channel for any updates that may arise)

If you have any further questions, ask us when we are live on twitch or email us at