Live Break F.A.Q

Q1: How much do packs cost?
A1: Pack costs will vary from set to set. Please click here to view our available packs and cost.

Q2:  What do I keep from the packs I purchase?
A2: You keep ALL hits and rare reverse holo spot.

Q3: What are considered hits?
A3: Holo Rares, Ex/Gx/V, Full Arts, Secret Rares, Rainbow Rares. Any rarity above Holo rare are considered hits. 

Q4: What about sets like celebration?
A4: In the case the set you purchased is similar to celebrations where all cards are holos, you will keep all "hits".

Q5: When does live streams/breaks happen?
A5: Live streams/breaks occur on Thursdays at 7pm EST, unless stated otherwise. (Follow our Social media to be kept up to date!)

Q6: Where do live streams/breaks occur?
A6: Over here!

If you have any other question, do not hesitate to ask and we may even put it here! Contact us at: